EHAG Emporium Sneak Peek

When the bats like ghosts are gliding,
Witches soar, on broomsticks riding,
Jack-o-lanterns twinkle, grinning
Our Halloween revelry will be just beginning!
~Vintage postcard verse

 On March 31, the doors will open on the EHAG Emporium. The artists of our juried group have come together to provide a most spectacular display of original art, all available for purchase. I've created something special, where little witches trade their broomsticks for another mode of transportation through the Halloween night! See my sneak peek here and all the others on the EHAG Emporium. See you there!


Greetings on Halloween

Ready to greet all who wander along the nearby path, this scarecrow seems to have a sinister smile. Beware on Halloween, for magic is in the air! An original Halloween watercolor postcard available now through Sunday under my eBay listings. Happy Haunting!


EHAG Emporium March Blog Giveaway

Don't miss the EHAG Emporium GIVEAWAY, going on now during the last week of March from the talented sculptor Linda Kennon aka The Gourdqueen! Her Pumpkin Ornie is so adorable and made with a coyote gourd and clay, measuring 5 1/2" (not including it's wire hanger). He has been aged and sealed and will last for many Halloween generations! Head on over to the EHAG Emporium for all the details and to enter this free giveaway. Hurry! The winner will be picked Tuesday, March 30!

Plus, you'll want to return on Wednesday, March 31, when the EHAG Emporium will be having their doors open for all sorts of new, original Halloween art from the artist members of EHAG. I'm putting the finishing touches on my piece, which may soar far into the sky if I'm not careful! ;)  See you there!


Full Moon in Watercolor

Yes, little trick or treaters is a recurring theme for my Halloween watercolors. I guess I just love the innocence of the children looking for fun and sweets, only to become nervous and scared at some of the houses they come upon. "Halloween Night," my latest ACEO, is now on eBay. I can just hear their giggles as they walk from house to house along the country lane. Happy Halloween!


Look for Her at the Mysterious Haunted Masquerade

I just love this fine lady's expression. She knows something we don't know, perhaps because she sees it in her crystal ball? Is that a gentleman wearing a top hat, swirling in the ball's mist? Perhaps it is someone's one true love? This is a mixed media beeswax collage with vintage black lace, repro vintage image that I have hand embellished with paint. It is on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 6"x6".
You will find her at the mysterious Haunted Masquerade, now on my pages of  SpookyTimeJingles.com. I dare you to don your mask and join us!


A Soul Full of Halloween

Even though there are more than seven months until Halloween, I somehow find it all year long. The smell of wood burning in the crisp air,  the sun low in the sky casting an orange glow on all it touches and drinking spiced cider on a brisk moonlight night reminds me of fall's splendor - even though spring is almost here! These help to inspire me to create Halloween art all year long. My acrylic paints have found their way onto my palette and a young witch sprang to life on the canvas. Watch for more Halloween pieces during the next release of SpookyTimeJingles.com March 13, and every 13th of the month thereafter. Look for a few rabbits to accompany her, too and even a tiny snowman. I have to spread the holiday love!


Halloween Comes to Those Who Wait


Losing their spectral chains, these ghosts are freed on Halloween only. At dawn, they will be bound to the manor again. A lone witch paces on the grand home's widow's walk. What does she wait for? The stroke of midnight, no doubt!
This is my latest, original 5"x7" watercolor painting now available on eBay through Sunday. Happy Haunting!