Beware of Odd Encounters in the Woods

As you may know from my last post, I met a tree gnome and actually snapped his picture. What I didn't tell you was the old witch we met during our meanderings in the forest. She was a bit creepy and invited us in for tea. Thankfully, my husband and I had to get back to our visitors, so we couldn't accept her invitation. I don't know if her disappointed expression was because she was lonely or because she had something unfavorable in mind! You'll find her art-card-sized watercolor portrait on eBay, here. You never know who you'll meet in the forest these days! Happy wanderings!

Homecoming and Graduation

For the past few weeks, we've been focused on our son's high school graduation. Not only was there the ceremony, but a senior picnic, senior photos, senior barbecue and grad night, in which directly following the ceremony the students were whisked off to a USS destroyer docked in Oakland and outfitted with all sorts of games and activities. The night culminated in the 200+ recent grads hopping onto a boat and crusing the San Francisco bay with more music, games and lots of food and espresso. They didn't get home until 6:15 am the next day!

While our son was off having a good time, we had family and friends staying with us. So we took a day trip to Muir Woods in Marin County. If you've never gone, it is one of the few remaining places in the world where giant redwoods still tower above the land.

Some reach as high as 260 feet and are as old as 1,000 years! They are magnificent sentries near the coast and are among the oldest living things on earth. We even spotted a few deer that came down from the hills to feast on the lush carpet of greenery.

And...I even found a tree gnome!

Do you see his profile? He is looking to the left of the screen, with his button nose and big chin! I just knew the forest there was enchanted!!

With all the entertaining, sightseeing and celebrating, I managed to finish a watercolor "Halloween Homecoming," and post it as a "Buy It Now" listing on eBay.

I hope you are enjoying the start of your summer.

A Window to Your Soul least that's what they say of our eyes. I've created a few more of these handmade ornaments with black glass glitter and a vintage image of an eye that follows you around the room. A bit creepy? Yes. And there is something about these little gothic pieces that makes me feel as if someone truly IS watching. Because they are made by hand, each is unique in its own way. And you never know if this is a window to a magical world with someone looking in on the other side! Available now on eBay and in my Etsy shoppe.


We Can All Use a Bit of Halloween

Wow...Glitterfest was here and gone in a flash! But I used my little Flip camera to share a bit of the experience with you. And even though it was Glitterfest spring, I brought some Halloween to share with the shoppers. As many of you love October 31 as I do, it comes as no surprise that I sold many pieces celebrating All Hallow's Eve, in addition to my mermaid inspired art.

I hope to have a few more pieces up on eBay in the next week. "Hope" is the key word. Our son is graduating from high school next week and lots of family and friends will be staying with us. Soon, our son will be heading off to LSU for college. I am so happy for him, with a merit scholarship to boot. But of course, I will miss him so! Life is full of change, and we can only hope for the best.