Are You Afraid?

What happens on Halloween night to those old houses that give a fright?

Is it a chance for the boogie man to sneak about?

Or are the monsters in the closet waiting to jump out?

Do ghosties and ghoulies come alive....

To scare trick or treaters out of their hide?

Or is it a chance to imagine a place, where the mystery of Halloween fill the space.

Hope you're having a hauntingly good summer!
More haunted house watercolors, like this one on eBay, are in progress.

~ Iva


That's What Friends are For

Now if I could conjure up some ghosties to help me with ironing, cooking and cleaning! My latest little original watercolor art card, "Rise My Friends," is now available on eBay. Working on some larger format haunted houses now too!


I Spy with My Little Eye...

...more Halloween goodies on eBay listed tonight. This curious Eye ornament really should be in the study of an eclectic professor. But instead, it's available now on eBay and in my Etsy shop, where I've added new pieces and have listed others at a special sale price. Meander over and see if you spy something you like with your little eye. I'll be seeing you!


Inspiring Images

My husband and I recently went to Santa Cruz for the day. What an inspiring little beachside town, complete with a Coney Island-style theme park, Victorian mansions perched on cliffs overlooking the Pacific and lighthouses with intriguing histories.

As we drove along the cliff road, I spied many a home that I would love to incorporate into my pantings. This one has gorgeous, unobstructed views of the ocean. My imagination began to run wild with stories behind the mansion. It is ripe for a watercolor with maybe a ghost or two hiding inside.

Thankfully, my eyes were filled with all sorts of imagery and the camera clicked away for future use. For now, I have made one tiny abode available on eBay. It's another version of the mysterious pumpkin house. This one is a pen and watercolor collage.

I hope you are finding inspiration around you this summer, whether it be in art, cooking, gardening, or spending quality time with your family. If you'd like to read more about my Santa Cruz trip, head over to my mixed media blog,

Happy Summer to you!


Watercolor Trick or Treat

Have I mentioned that I love painting Halloween watercolors? Here's another little art card I have listed on eBay. You'll find the listing here. This one really has an innocent feel, don't you think?

And be sure to check in just before July 13th, when I'll have some more Halloween art up on We're celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary and there are all sorts of door prizes and fun for our collectors. Stop by and take a peek, but remember it's July 13!