Merry Christmas to All!

Light a Candle in Remembrance

I will be lighting a candle for our daughter Brianna, who died in June 2007 at the age of 17 due to bone marrow failure. Please join me as thousands of people around the globe light a candle Sunday, Dec. 13, at 7 pm, in remembrance of the children who died and touched their lives.

A Remembrance Book will also be available on The Compassionate Friends' website on that day to post a message or tribute.

We miss Brianna every moment of every day. If you'd like more information, please see  my mixed media blog: My Birdsong.


Handmade Hullabaloo


Head on over to the blog of  Tracy Nuskey-Dodsen, Vintage Sister, to find out who is offering free shipping on items in their Etsy shop just for today! Look for my Etsy shop banner among the list or head there now! The Second Red Friday sale is on. See you there!


12 Days with

The creative folks at are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas starting today on the website with special goodies created by some of my talented fellow artists. Watch for an ornament from me in the mix!
     Each day a few new pieces will be added to the website to help countdown the 12 days of Christmas! Look for the button above on the site's home page. Be sure to check back each day leading up to the big update on the 13th of December.
     I'll have some more Christmas goodness and maybe even a Halloween piece or two ready for the 13th release. 
     Enjoy the fun and happy holidays!


Happy Holiday Handmade Shopping with Free Shipping!

I've got a sale going on this weekend in my Etsy Shop through Monday as part of an Etsy wide "Free shipping" promotion. Several of my Halloween pieces, including the above beeswax collage, and some of my Christmas ornaments have free shipping. The sale lasts through Monday, Nov. 30 - yup, that's tomorrow! This is a great way to support individual artists and give handmade gifts for the holidays. If you use search terms, "etsyfreeshipping" or "etsyholidaysale," you'll find thousands of items offered under the promotion. Happy Holiday shopping!

A Time for Everything

I created several of these Halloween themed aprons and kept one for myself. I have worn it many times over the last several weeks and may even don the simple, but colorful apparel during the big feast! As we all know, the holidays can be a time best described by the words across my apron's  waistband, "Spooky, Trick or Treat, Beware." But for the most part, they are a time of gratitude and giving.

I wish you all a grand Thanksgiving shared with those you love.  Thank you for your support and interest in my art. Enjoy your holiday, spooky or not!
~ Iva


Celebrations Abound

It's been several weeks of celebrations, including our son's 18th birthday in mid October, a Halloween party with friends at our home the day before Halloween, and then my birthday this past Saturday. Can you tell what we dressed as for Halloween? It's hard to make out my costume, but I made it from a Martha Stewart project some years ago. I was a raven, complete with iridescent black coque feathers around my neck, wrists and on my bustle, and my hubby was Indianna Jones, with a whip and all! It's been a whirlwind of fun!

And amidst all the festivities, I'm working on Christmas and a few Halloween pieces. I'll have some new offerings on, which updates on the 13th. Or, you can visit me at for sweet holiday ornaments and everyday gift items. Of course, my Etsy shop will be filling up as we get closer to the holidays, and still has a few Halloween goodies!

Don't forget, I'll be having my second web show and sale on Sunday, November 15, at 6 pm Pacific. Hope you can join me! I trust your celebrations were spooktacular and wish you a happy fall this week! Cheers!


Wishing You a Most Happy Halloween!

Have a great Halloween weekend! ~ Iva


October Magic

It's been a magical week in October around the Wilcox household. We began with an indoor skydiving adventure on Sunday, that has convinced me there is no need to put myself in danger by actually jumping out of a plane! My husband and I and our son and one of his friends all donned our jump suits, helmets and ear plugs and individually dove into the iFly wind tunnel in Union City, CA.  Of course, we had a little help from a flight instructor who was by our side positioning our hands and legs and giving us hand signals as we floated in the 60+ mph winds that kept us afloat. It was exhilirating, so say the least!! I loved it and am ready for more!

On Monday and Tuesday, I had the wonderful privilege of taking classes from Michael DeMeng. What a genuinely nice guy and such a talent! We created some "Demented Toys," on Monday that were truly eclectic. I created a serpent-like mermaid using a vintage China head and a Barbi torso. Yes, it is quite a sight. I've got more work to do on it, but I learned so much.

Tuesday, Micheal took us through the process of creating framed images with layers and layers of color. He is a real genius when it comes to Golden paints and the sublte nuances each adds when mixed. He gave us the recipe for painting creepy babies, serial killer red, vertigre and gothic black. My cup runneth over with Halloween ideas.

However, that wasn't the best part of Tuesday. It was also our son's 18th birthday. I can't believe my sweet little shy boy has become a man and we couldn't be more proud. I made his favorite breakfast, dinner and dessert, and later this week, we will head out to a steak house on Friday for more celebrating. Of course, just beneath the surface are my thoughts of our daughter who never reached the age of 18. Each celebration is bittersweet knowing that one of us is no longer here. I felt her spirit as my husband and I sang happy birthday to our beaming son, and I feel her presence as I sit in the backyard and watch fall's splendor around us.

So the magic continues as October progresses to it's ultimate culmination - Halloween - a family favorite.  I will be listing the beeswax collage pictured above on eBay later tonight for a 3-day auction. I hope October's magic is casting it's seasonal spell on you too.


Stop in for A Spooky Time!

A sneak peek at one of my three offerings this month on  Remember, it updates on the 13th of every month and there are always Halloween and Christmas delights from the many talented artists. Grab a ride from the Halloween Hot Air Balloon and zip on over. Up, up and away!


They Bid You a Scary Halloween

Two by two they come to bid you a scary Halloween. The Witching Hour - Original beeswax collage on 5"x7" board, available on PFATT tomorrow, October 10.


A Haunting We Will Go

My first and only haunted house of the season. The windows have broken "glass" and the illusion of tiny panes.  I've placed little gausian curtains,  all tattered and torn in a few of the windows. The inside is a deep orange, and the very neat thing about this piece is that it lights up! When plugged in, the inside of the house glows orange. There is a large window on the side extension of the house too. The darkened dresden trim really gives it a gothic feel.

If you want more details, head over to my Etsy shop, where I've listed it.
Happy Haunting!


Join Me on Facebook

I've just created a Facebook fan page and hope that you will become a part of the fun. Head over to my Iva's Creations fan page,  click on the link at top that says "Become a Fan"  and join the party! See you there!


Blog Sale Tonight!

At 6 pm (Pacific), head over to my Available Art blog to see all my new Halloween offerings. This is my first blog sale, and I hope you enjoy the show. Above is a sneak peek at some of what you'll see. She's all ready and flying over to the party! Happy Halloween and see you tonight!


New Offerings and Spooky Fun in Orange County, CA

After this little pretty sat in my studio for some months, I decided to change her up. She's a 5x7" Halloween mixed media collage that I created on artist canvas board and then given a nice coating of 100 percent natural beeswax. It smells lovely! That's the beauty of beeswax - you can move things around if you don't like them. She was sitting on a frightened cat, but it just didn't seem to work. So I heated up the wax, pulled off the image, and changed it out for the grinning pumpkin. Wa - la... she has a new look!

If you haven't tried beeswax, you can give it a whirl this Saturday in Walnut Creek, CA, where I'll be teaching the morning session during Mistresses of Macabre Part I - a day of art with two 3-hour workshops, catered lunch, goodie bag and more! Fee is $100 and there's a space or two left. For more details and to register, visit The Art Life or email Daniela Costa,

Teaching Trip Day One - Roger and Over the Moon

This past weekend Colleen Moody and I headed to Gilding the Lily in Fullerton, California, to teach two workshops each over a two-day period. We left plenty of time though to visit some amazing places including Roger's Garden in Costa Del Mar and Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa.

Oh my goodness!! My heart went pitter pat when we first arrived at Roger's Garden. I love nurseries, since I consider myself a gardener - at least of containers right now. The entrance was beautiful with fall colors and pumpkins every where. Little did I know what delights were inside the many buildings!

Being a lover of everything Halloween, our first stop had to be the Holiday Shop at the Garden. We were told they have the best Christmas displays, but they were still working on them and wouldn't be ready for another two weeks. I did peek in and see all sorts of glittered trees and ornaments. It will be a spectacle when done!

So in we walk to the Holiday Shop, which has been dubbed the basement of Mad Madeline's Manor. The banner above said it all about the look! There were many themed rooms that just took my breath away. They cleverly tucked their products amongst the amazing displays. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are just a few of the many I took.

The entrance to the Holiday Shop.

The talking dummy, who informed us that it had "been a long time, been a long time" (in his quirky dummy voice) since he was on stage.

The walls and ceilings were dripping with old, "dusty" chains, cobwebs and everything you might find in an old basement, including furry rats, huge spiders and a mean ol' cat.

Okay, I want to know who had been collecting these wheels? I mean what a grand idea!!

Painting these dolls all white gave them the best ghostly affect. Oh Chucky...where are you?

Bird cages will always seem somehow different after this display. This was a huge cage, about 6 ft tall! How would you like that spider in your house? Or better yet....

this one clinging to your ceiling?? This is a shot looking up. Can you say "Creepy?"

The lighting throughout the display was phenomenal! The mad scientist was still at work!

I have never really like clowns. But after this photo collection, I like them even less! One of those pictured had fangs!! Yikes!

If have a chance to see Roger's Garden, I highly recommend it. Not only did they have a wondrous Halloween extravaganza, they also had a huge selection of seasonal plants, gift items and more! We spent over an hour wandering the property, soaking in all the eye candy, and of course, picking up a purchase or two along the way.

Next on our day of stops was Paris to the Moon. What a delightful little shop, nestled in Costa Mesa.

Although I didn' t get any photos inside, I can tell you that it is full of the neatest kitschy findings, sweet wedding and baby gift items and gift makings, odd doll parts for your Halloween displays, lots of Edward Gorey books (which I wish I would have gotten!!) and a large array of fun art and this and that to make your own. They also have a great selection of FG&Co cards, tags and calendars. It was just too much fun!

When we asked about a suggestion for lunch, without hesitation the shop keeper handed us a menu from Taste Buds. It was bar none the best salad I've ever tasted! Grilled vegetables topped with grilled chicken and a vinagrette that still makes my mouth water when I think of it. We added an order of pomme frites with truffle oil and our morning was perfect!

Stay tuned for photos from my classes on the following days and the wonderful people I met!


A Crazy Colorful Halloween

Trying something a bit different can be fun and freeing. Thought I'd give a lighter, more whimsical touch to a haunted house. I had fun letting the colors bleed into each other. This one is now available on eBay. Have you tried something different lately?

Ehag Search for the Wandering Witch

Round and round she flies,

casting shadows in the skies.

Rumors of her grow and grow.

Search for her high,

Search for her low.

Uncover our Witch in her spooky disguise,

and you may win an EHAG prize!

Join the hunt on the EHAG Art Blog September 21st as The Search Begins! One of my talented fellow EHAG artist members has the wandering witch captured on their blog. If you find her, and leave a comment on the artist's blog, you will become eligible to win a prize. Oh witchy poo, where are you? Have fun with it!!


What a Show!!

We were all dressed up and ready for the show. And what a show it was!! The Second Annual Tinsel and Treasures Art Show in Alamo, CA was filled with all sorts of treasures from the 15 artists who participated.

Shoppers lined up outside waiting for the magic to begin. The doors opened and the air was filled with excitement.

Beautiful displays of art were unveiled, and it couldn't have been more fun! See all the pictures on the Tinsel and Treasures blog. I can't wait for next year!

No rest for the weary though! It's high season for Halloween!! Watch for my upcoming blog sale, Sunday, October 4, beginning at 6 pm PDT. Join my email list for the inside scoop, but I'll post more details soon. And don't forget to check my Etsy Shop, where I'll be adding new paintings and Halloween goodies regularly!

And if you're in Southern California, I'll be teaching at Gilding the Lily, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 & 27. Join the fun or stop by and say hello! I'd love to meet you!!

A Magical Cast of Characters Will Appear

Be on the lookout!
You have all been invited to a most magical review. A cast of characters will appear for you! Saturday, Sept. 12, you don't want to miss, Tinsel and Treasures will be an art collector's bliss! Some fantastical creatures will make merry and dance.

While others might cast a spell, per chance.

Who knows what you'll find on this most special day. For black cats, and witches and pumpkins will be out to play!

A few more glimpses of what you'll see when you come looking for me!

See you at the Alamo Women's Club, 1401 Danville Blvd., Alamo, Calif., from 9 am - 2 pm!

More Ghosts to Follow

Where is the ghost in the window headed? Why the Second Annual Tinsel and Treasures Art Show, Sept. 12, in Northern California of course! More 5"x7" original haunted house watercolors to follow. Do you dare join them? Hope to see you!

A Toast with HalloVine!

I was given an art opportunity that both thrilled and scared me. I'm sure you've all experienced these moments. Of course, I immediately said "Yes!" Later, I thought how in the heck I was going to accomplish it?

I was asked to create the 2009 HalloVine wine label art for the Napa Valley winery Madonna Estate. So taking some inspiration from Bacchus, I grabbed my paint brushes and my watercolors and worked. I actually painted two finished peices, very similar to each other. The originals, both available for purchase, are 8"x11" and will soon be listed in my Etsy shop.

A Little HalloVine History
I am the fifth in the series of notable Halloween artists to create a one-of-a-kind collectible HalloVine label. The label idea was created for the love of Halloween and in celebration of the most "spirited" day of the year, Halloween. This year's vintage is a 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Each year the actual wine is different, and each year a new artist is selected to illustrate the label. HalloVine is the perfect wine to sip on a chilly fall evening waiting by the fire for Halloween.

The winery owners admit that this is the most colorful label that has been created for HalloVine wine. That's me...color all the way!! The wine makes an excellent accompaniment for all your Halloween festivities. What a treat to see an actual wine for Halloween on the table!

Madonna Estate is a family owned and operated winery that has crafted fine wines for 87 years. The Bartolucci family has their origins in Italy, and today Andrea Bartolucci, his wife Susan, and their two daughters, Brette and Taylor are partners in the winery. They are the third oldest family still making wine in the Napa Valley. The daughters are the fourth generation family members to be involved in the winery. I also don't have to tell you, that Sue is an avid Halloween collector and very talented artist herself! You can see her wonderful art at

What sets the wines of Madonna Estate apart from other wines is that the grapes are organically grown in the Carneros District of Napa Valley, and they are dry-farmed. The dry farming makes the grapes smaller, but more intensely flavored because they have not been pumped up with water. The grounds are beautiful and the winery staff are so helpful and knowledgeable! They treated my eBay group, PFATT, to a spectacular tasting and tour last year.

Madonna Estate has a full service tasting room, where ten wine varietals may be tasted daily, with the exception of major holidays. The tasting room is open seven days a week from 10am until 5pm. The winery is located at 5400 Old Sonoma Rd. Napa, CA. the corner of Old Sonoma Rd, and Hwy 121. You do not need an appointment for tasting. Two picnic grounds are also available for your enjoyment. You may visit the website at , or call 1 (866) 724-2993, or (707) 255-8864 for more information.

You may order your HalloVine wine at Tinsel and Treasure Art show, Sept. 12, at the Alamo Women's Club, Alamo, Calif. We won't be actually selling the bottles due to state laws. Ordering is easy though! I will be there and can sign a label, if you'd like. The wine will be shipped directly to you. You may also order it from the Madonna Estate website, or by visiting the winery. This wine is a must for all lovers of Halloween and wine.

I was given a bottle from last year and I just love having it out on our wet bar. Of course, I will have to drink it this year, but save the label. What a great collection that would be, right? Halloween wine labels?

Happy Haunting!
~ Iva

Here's the second piece I painted that was not used on the label. Can you see the slight changes I made?


Sneak Peeks for Tinsel and Treasures Art Show Sept. 12


Black and orange paint is splattered here and there, paint brushes sit in a cup of water, watercolor paint tubes are strewn here and there and all around are the beginnings of Halloween and Christmas art for Tinsel and Treasures Art Show, Saturday, Sept. 12, from 9 am - 2 pm, at the Alamo Women's Club, in Alamo, CA. If you haven't heard about the show, head over to the website,, to see the 14 talented women who will be joining me for a day filled with fun and frolic! And don't forget to see the show blog, where you can read about the history of some of the artists and see the delicious art that will be available the day of the show,

This year, Ulla Milbrath will be teaching four make and take sessions, each an hour long for $20 per session. You will get the chance to create one of two Halloween ornaments or one of two Christmas ornaments. Or, you can stay all day and make all four! They begin at 10 am and continue every hour, starting with the Halloween theme and then alternating to Christmas. If you don't have time to make it and take it, you can buy a kit and make it at home. A sign-up page is being created, so stay tuned! If you have questions, please email

It certainly will be an artful adventure!


Is this the right one?

Hunting for pumpkin stew takes some least the cat's skills. You see this witch has a cat that twitches it's whiskers when the perfect pumpkin is selected! What do you think? Is it the right one? Now available on eBay.


Fall is in the Air

Oh my...where has the time gone? Summer is slipping away, I feel a nip in the air which means fall is just around the corner and I need to shift into high gear to prepare for my upcoming show Tinsel and Treasures, Sept. 12, for lots of Halloween and Christmas folk art.

And then, I'll be off to teach some special classes Sept. 26 & 27 in Southern California at Gilding the Lily with my friend and dollmaker Colleen Moody. (Details soon to be announced.) Next, I'll lead a Haunted Halloween Beeswax collage class Saturday, Oct. 3, in Walnut Creek, CA, as part of a one-day, two class event Mistresses of Macabre Part I with Daniela Costa, of The Art Life. Busy, busy, busy!!

So I keep on painting and creating. Just added a couple new original ACEO watercolors in my Etsy shop. Hope your summer has been grand!


Are You Afraid?

What happens on Halloween night to those old houses that give a fright?

Is it a chance for the boogie man to sneak about?

Or are the monsters in the closet waiting to jump out?

Do ghosties and ghoulies come alive....

To scare trick or treaters out of their hide?

Or is it a chance to imagine a place, where the mystery of Halloween fill the space.

Hope you're having a hauntingly good summer!
More haunted house watercolors, like this one on eBay, are in progress.

~ Iva