Vintage-Style Witching Hour Doll Appearing on EHAG Emporium

 "Witching Hour"
It's the end of the month which means it's time for Halloween mischief on the EHAG Emporium blog! On the last day of the month, the Emporium unveils new Halloween art offered for sale by EHAG members. (In case you didn't know, EHAG is an acronym for the Eclectic Halloween Artists Group comprised of some of the most talented Halloween artists around!)

My submission for the February EHAG Emporium is the "Witching Hour," a vintage-style witch tucked neatly inside a paper mache witch's shoe. She has a China doll head and is wearing a shimmery dark bronze dress with millinery netting over her skirt. She is firmly secured inside a paper mache shoe, which I hand pressed from my vintage chocolate mold. The whimsical piece is embellished with Dresden, black glass glitter, gold bullion, vintage crepe paper and the image of an old clock face. Measures about 8" tall.
One of a kind!



A Glowing Halloween

I'm working on adding texture to my watercolors, or at least the image of texture. "A Glowing Halloween," was born from this experimentation. The 5"x7" watercolor will be listed on eBay tonight. The image was one of many photographs I took last Halloween and I can't wait to paint my way through them! I'm always in the mood for a glowing jack-o-lantern! How about you?

Painting with Sepia and Cad Orange - A Work in Progress

I continue to play with my watercolors and other water media, experimenting with different techniques and tools. I painted this and see gnomes, woodland faeries and other creatures. As I see these mysterious beings, I am enhancing them slightly, so they can't hide from us quite as readily. It's still a work in progress. What do you see?