My EHAG Emporium Original Offering


It is the Grand Opening of the EHAG Emporium. Our doors are open! 
 My offering is an 8x10 original watercolor, "One or More Ghosts?" $150, which includes shipping. Please email me,, if you'd like to buy this one of a kind piece.
If you head to the Emporium, remember each piece is unique and available for purchase on a first come, first served basis. Each artist on the Emporium blog has something to offer and you can email each individually, if you see something you'd like to purchase. There's a lot of EHAG fun planned for 2010!


Don't Be Afraid!

A full moon lights the way for three trick or treaters on Halloween. But something about this next house frightens the youngest. His older sister beckons, as he reluctantly follows. 
An original 5"x7" watercolor painting I created now on eBay. Happy Haunting!


Moonlight Pumpkin Harvest

Out of the dark woods from the pumpkin field beyond and into the moonlight, ambles the tired horse and his master after a long day. The pumpkins are on their way to market for Halloween carving and pie. Original 5"x7" watercolor painting in my Etsy shop.


Cauldron Bubble ~ Original ACEO Watercolor Painting

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! A new original ACEO size of 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" Halloween watercolor painting now on eBay.


EHAG Emporium Sneak Peak

"One or More?"

There are ghosts in the lonely house down the street. How many? No one knows.
This is a sneak peak of the 8x10 original watercolor painting that will be for sale on Sunday, January 31, at 9 pm Eastern, during the grand opening of the EHAG Emporium blog sale. Mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss the high-end collectible Halloween art that will be available.


Waiting For Halloween

The first of my original Halloween ACEO watercolors now on eBay. And since I get many questions about the term ACEO, the acronym stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are tiny works of art always sized 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches. They are also known as ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards.
     This art form enables folks around the globe to collect original works of art at affordable prices. So take a look at all the ACEOs available to you and if you're on eBay, don't forget to look for me under EHAG, or the Eclectic Halloween Artist Group. Use that search term to find all the art of my fellow members. How's that for more acronyms? Happy Halloween!


Visit STJ Jan. 13 for Sweet 'n Spooky New Art

I love trying new techniques, and the early part of the year is when I experiment.  "Magic is in the Air," is a mixed media painting that will be featured in my Halloween shop. It has lots of texture with swirls, peaks and valleys, some collage work and full of vibrant color, all completed on wood board. Remember, it releases on Jan. 13. But if you join the STJ mailing list, you'll get a sneak peek the night before. (Look for the small box in the right column of the page.)

All the artists will be offering haunted fun, in addition to Hootananny Holiday offerings this month for Valentine's Day and next for Easter/Spring. I've got a special piece just for the sweetheart in your life if you head to my STJ Christmas page (hit the "next" button at the bottom of my Halloween page). As always, there's a couple new Christmas art pieces I'm offering too.  So weather the cold weather by window shopping online at STJ and I'm sure you'll find a unique piece you can't live without! Winter wishes to you!


The Grand Opening of the EHAG Emporium

Mark your calendar for January 31, when the doors will open to the EHAG Emporium. What is EHAG you ask? It's an acronym for Eclectic Halloween Artist Group, which was started some years ago on eBay.  It is a premier group of talented artisans and collectors all of whom share a love of October 31! The grand opening of the EHAG Emporium will be the first time many of the artists will gather together to share and sell outside of eBay.  So you don't want to miss this event, which will feature high-end collectible art that celebrates All Hallow's Eve. Hope to see you there!