Halloween Art Cards Make Originals Affordable

I have not painted many Halloween artist trading cards in a while and thought it was time. Artist trading cards (ATC), or as eBay calls them art cards, editions and originals (ACEO), are tiny works of art created on a standard size of 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" sheet. They were originally intended for artists to trade works of art with each other, and they were never to be sold. But they caught on with the masses, because they make original works of art affordable for everyone. I have painted many of these in past years and began moving toward larger paintings. But in this economy, I figured it was time to offer an original work for the same cost as one of my prints.

I've listed this original Halloween watercolor on eBay and you will find my auction here. Look for other Halloween ACEOs on eBay by some of my fellow Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild members by using the search term, "EHAG." Now, I'm off to continue preparing for upcoming art shows Tinsel and Treasures, September 10, in Alamo, CA, and then Halloween and Vine, September 24, in Petaluma, CA. Happy Halloween...soon!