Cat-ching Up

I seem to be spending  my days more and more on Facebook, releasing images of new paintings and the latest works in progress. Thus, so much time as elapsed since my last post, and my need to cat-ch up!  ;)  I do apologize. But, if you'd like to stay in touch more often, please head to my Facebook Iva's Creations art page and hit the "like" button. I do still plan on maintaining my blog, so never fear if you're not a Facebook devotee! Now on to my art! 
I seem to be drawn to black cats these days, as I prepare for Halloween. Yes, the summer solstice is not even a week old and I'm dreaming of fall. But as you know, I'm in the mood for Halloween all year long!
I am starting my Halloween, watercolor auctions on eBay again. The above original painting, "October Eyes," will be listed on eBay tonight, so watch my eBay auctions.

I recently sold this ACEO, "Night Flight." I am using graphite more in my work and love the dreamy affect it casts. I will be listing more of these tiny works of art, so I hope you pop in to my eBay auctions weekly, or simply add me to your favorite sellers list. Halloween is not too far off!