The Early Bird Catches the October Blood Moon

What a way to celebrate October than with a blood moon! But I'll get to that in a minute. First, I want to share my watercolor illustration/painting above, now available in my Etsy Shop. I have a few original paintings still up for grabs, a second on Ebay. So I hope you take a peek! They certainly get me in a Halloween sort of spirit, just like the blood moon we recently watched in the night sky.

We woke up early Wednesday morning to see a phenomenon that has occurred only eight times in the last several hundred years...a blood moon. It's actually an eclipse of the moon, when the moon and sun are at exact polar opposites and the Earth is caught in the middle, casting a shadow across the moon. It won't happen again until 2032! 
It was in full eclipse at 6:25 am eastern and it was hard to find. But once we and our neighbors caught site of it, above the trees and very low in the horizon, what a sight it was!! The red tinged shadow was so eerie, and it was perfect for an October night! Enjoy these fall days!!  

Halloween Fun!

What fun I had participating in Halloween and Vine this year in Petaluma, CA!! Seeing friends and meeting new collectors! I didn't get many photos, but if you head on over to the H&V Facebook page, you'll see all the show goodness! I did snap a couple and will get them ready for my next post, AFTER this weekend!

I am getting ready now for Spirits in Sanford, Sanford, Florida, this weekend, Friday, Oct. 3, for the champagne preview  and costume party (don't forget to RSVP! (407) 323-2774), $20 per person includes Sat. show, and SO much fun! And then the show on Saturday, Oct. 4, from 10 am - 4 pm, $5 admission. If you "Like" the Spirits Facebook page, you'll get all the show news and see the sneak peeks from artists participating.

And in between shows, I am listing my original watercolors on eBay still! The one above is a larger format piece, 4-7/8" x 8" least it's larger than my usual ACEO size! You can see all the painting details if you head to the listing here.

Tis the Halloween season and I love kicking it off with these two fabulous shows!! Hope to see you this weekend!