How I've Missed You During Our Move to Haunted St. Augustine

My word it's been several months since I was last here!! So sorry! You see, we've packed up and sold many of our belongings and moved across the country from sunny northern California to sunny northern Florida! So as you can imagine, there was lots of "stuff" to shed, boxes to pack and a few holidays in between to celebrate with family and friends before the big move.

But now we are here and have almost unpacked all the boxes. I've refurbished a thrift store find into my new art work table and have a beautiful studio loft above our detached garage. And I am itching to get back to my paint brushes and paper mache creations.

We are now in St. Augustine, which is the oldest continuously occupied city in the nation. It was first settled by the Spanish in 1513, and then other European countries tried to establish a stronghold on this beautiful piece of Florida coastline. The city's history is full of battles and bledshed, which makes the area ripe for ghosts. Tales abound of the haunted fort, cemeteries, drug store (picture above) and jail/general store (pictured below). I can't wait to incorporate these, along with the areas large oaks dripping with spanish moss into some of my watercolors!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have started the new year on a bright, but spooky note! I want to share one more photo with you. This one was taken on our move/ road-trip across the country. It's a huge mansion that will make its way into one of my future paintings, which will commence soon! Happy Hauntings!

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BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

Sounds like some wonderful inspiration around you. Can't wait to see what your creative mind comes up with. Glad you are settling in. And you have a studio awesome.