The Black Cats Have It!

I miss having a black cat. Long ago, as a young adult we had a black cat named Sasha. She was a handful, all wirey and spry. But I loved her yellow eyes, sleek body and fun-loving nature. Now years later, we have a German Shepherd and at nine years old, he isn't too keen on sharing the household. One day we will have another black cat. I guess that is why they keep finding their way into my paintings - wishful thinking!! This little ACEO has three feline hopefuls for me. One day....*sigh*! You'll find my latest original ACEO on eBay. Hope you're enjoying the slowly changing season!


Moonstruck for a Spooky House

I am really getting into the fall mindset, with the season's bright orange, yellows, reds and browns, the rustle of leaves and the smell of a fire - despite our 100+ degree weather this week! The full moon last night was spectacular. I sat in front of the window sill and stared at the glowing orb hanging in the night's sky, just marveling at its beauty. It gave me more momentum to finish this original watercolor postcard, "The Spooky House." It will be listed tonight in my eBay auctions. Hope your last weeks of summer are pleasant! Happy Haunting!


Budding Halloween Artists Can Win Big!

What: A Kid's Halloween Art Contest
Who: Children ages 10-14
When: Now thru August 31st, 2010. The winner will be announced by September 7, 2010
Where: Online at the EHAG Facebook Page and EHAG Blog
How: Parents email an image of your little ghoul's Halloween themed artwork to along with the young artist's name, age, date, contact info, title of piece and medium used.
Prize: $100 gift certificate for art supplies from the winner's art supply store of choice.

Be as creative as possible and all artwork must be completed solely by the young artist. We ask that no gore be depicted. Artwork will be judged based on originality and use of medium, and all mediums will be accepted. (All EHAG family members are excluded from participation.)

The members of the Eclectic Halloween Artist Group (EHAG) are obviously not the first generation to create Halloween art, and we certainly will not be the last. So, we decided to sponsor a kid's art contest that both celebrates our most favorite holiday and nurtures their creative spirit! And as we know, there must be children out there who love to create Halloween art as much as we do! So why not encourage them today!

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creative Halloween art entries!