Light Up the Night with Your Own Halloween Witch Lighted Theater

"Witching Hour"
A halloween witch lighted theater!

SOLD - thank you Susan!

It's the end of the month and the EHAG Emporium's doors creak open with another slew of Halloween art up for grabs. My offering this cold month of January is a light-up theater that is perfect for getting you in the Halloween mood - all year long! 

I have created a 16" tall theater featuring a squat witch made from a vintage German porcelain doll's head. Under a spooky tree, she holds a real twig broom and stands near an old fence. A large pumpkin sits nearby. In the foreground, a vintage-style cat hisses at passers-by. A smattering of fall leaves covers the top of the theater along with the image of a vintage clock face and a banner that reads, "Witching Hour." 

The theater is covered in textured paper to give it that old, antique quality. All details inside are lit by a low watt light bulb, that is easily replaced when burnt out. Simply plug the lamp in, imagine that dark and stormy night and Halloween is right around the corner!


Variety of Halloween Art Up for Grabs at EHAG Emporium Jan. 31

Sneak Peek at My Halloween Art Offering

Every last day of the month means my fellow Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild (EHAG) members and I will offer unique and wonderful Halloween art pieces for the public to purchase. The opening of the Halloween art sale on the Ehag Emporium is a fun event, even if you simply want to browse the wondrous offerings. Set your clocks for 9 pm, Eastern, and click the link to the website. You'll be whisked atop a broom to the site, where the art awaits.

Above, I've included a sneak peek of the piece I will have available. If you want more of these sneak peeks, head on over to the EHAG Facebook page, where you'll find announcements of upcoming events and art to be had! Stay warm and look forward to seeing you in the Emporium!