It's ACEO Sunday!

A cat scampers across the path,
a full moon brightens the sky.
Jack-o-lanterns grin broadly,
and the magic of Halloween is nigh!

Head to eBay for my latest small format artist trading card size original painting going up tonight!


A Halloween Watercolor Reminiscent of Days Gone By

It's eBay Sunday, when I list an original small size Halloween watercolor painting. My latest piece is reminiscent of those vintage Halloween postcards I love so much, with curly vines bordering a Halloween scarecrow and bats fluttering above. It is the standard 2-1/2"x3-1/2" size for an art card editions and originals (ACEO), and as always, I am offering it at the starting price of $9.99. Check my eBay listings every Sunday evening for these tiny originals. You'll also find several prints of my original watercolors available too. See you next week!


The Thrill of Collecting Halloween Original Paintings

Affordable Originals for Everyone to Collect

Once again, I am offering my weekly artist trading card size paintings on eBay. Each Sunday means a new listing will go up. These 2-1/2"x3-1/2" original watercolors start at $9.99. I love offering these small pieces of art, because they allow collectors the chance to purchase one of my original Halloween watercolors no matter what size budget one might have! Take a peek each Sunday and I hope you enjoy my view of Halloween. Wishing you a great start to your mid summer!


Mark Your Calendars This Fall For Halloween Art Shows

I am once again proud to be a part of two Halloween art shows this fall!

Saturday • Sept. 27, 2014

Halloween and Vine is always a treat in northern California's wine country. Nestled in the quaint town of Petaluma, a talented array of Halloween artisans gather to share their love of all things October 31 and sell their hand made creations! I love seeing old friends and meeting new ones! It is sure to be a grande celebration once again!!

Spirits in Sanford
Friday • Oct. 3, 2014 • Evening Costume & Preview Party
Saturday • Oct. 4, 2014 • Art Show 

Spirits in Sanford will be located once again inside the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, which makes for a truly festive Halloween art buying experience. The evening costume party makes the magic of October 31 come alive, with artisans displaying their latest Halloween creations and party goers purchasing their favorite pieces. The magical spirit carries over the next day, when on Saturday, the show offers a delighted public more Halloween collectibles ready to be purchased and enjoyed. 

I hope you have the chance to come to one of these shows. They are great preparation for that last day in October! See you then!


Get in the Halloween Spirit Early!


If you've wanted to create a Halloween project to admire all year long, this is your chance! Join me for an online workshop, Halloween Witching Hour Lighted Theater, July 16 - August 26, at Lots of new techniques and I show you how to create your own theater, step-by-step, over a six week period! Join me!! Register at today!


Getting Ready to Teach My Online Workshop

July 16 is just around the corner, and I'm getting ready to teach my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater class at

You will learn how to assemble low-watt light assembly to light up all the special details we put inside the theater. I made getting the light supplies easy, by offering the light kit in my Etsy shop. 

We'll use recycled items to create the majority of our theater. And if you are a Halloween fan like I am, you probably have many of the supplies already in your art stash!

Plus, if you don't have a porcelain china doll head,  I will show you how to substitute the witch's head with one made of paper! We will have fun and you will learn lots of new techniques!

Hope you join me! Register at Look forward to seeing you in class come this July!!


Join Me This Summer!

Learn to make a
Halloween Witching Hour
Lighted Theater

I will be teaching a Halloween-themed online art class this summer at Actually, I will be teaching two classes! My Halloween class will be during session two, July 16 - August 26, just in time for fall! 
You'll learn lots of tips and tricks, along with the technique I use to create a spooky theater you can plug in and light up all year long! So why not treat yourself and get into the spirit! Also, if you can't find a vintage porcelain china head or some of the supplies, no worries! I will give you lots of options for creating your witching hour theater. Let me know if you plan to join me! I look forward to it!


Witch in the Woods Folk Art Theater

Witch in the Woods Theater

Using recycled items, I created a small witch theater that includes a spun cotton witch. She is made using techniques as in Victorian times and has a reproduced scrap face. She holds a tiny pumpkin and broom. A raven sits at the top keeping watch over all. A tiny skull adorns the top of the theater, too. There are all sorts of tiny embellishments that make this a truly unique Halloween treasure!

This piece is being featured on the EHAG Emporium, which has other fabulous Halloween art up for grabs. (It has sold however.) I am a proud member of the first Halloween artist guild online, Eclectic Halloween Artist Guild (EHAG).  Happy Halloween!


Pen, Ink and Watercolor for Halloween

Just finished playing with pen and ink and watercolors. This little art card is now on eBay. More spooky goodness to come later this week! Watch for the EHAG Emporium blog sale, in which I will have a spun cotton piece available for purchase. Happy Halloween....yes, in February!! 


Let the Halloween Mischief Begin!

"Halloween Mischief"
Although it is still wintry and cold outside, I have planned a year of exciting events and art opportunities celebrating Halloween! Foremost is more painting!! This original mixed media linoleum block print is now available on eBay, and it involves quite a process.
     If you are wondering how a "print" can also be an "original," I'll explain.
     I draw the image and then transfer it to a piece of linoleum. Then, I hand cut the image using tools that scoop out the semi-rigid linoleum. I actually carve out the positive, or the white areas. Using a brayer, I spread ink all over the linoleum and then press it onto watercolor paper. It takes a few days for the ink to dry, and then I'm ready to paint and pencil.
     Each print has to be inked, so no two are exactly alike. Most importantly, I hand paint and embellish each, so the originality of each is enhanced even more!

     I love the glowing affects the linoleum block print process provides. Watch for more of these unique pieces as the days progress to Halloween and for exciting announcements of new art events!