Imagine Halloween Night

"Halloween Night"
Original 9"x12" Acrylic Painting on Canvas Panel

As you know, I love painting with watercolors. But I got the itch to pick up my acrylic paints and create a Halloween scene similar to one I painted some years ago.
     This is how I imagine Halloween out in the country during a more innocent time. (Although, the headless horseman and a couple of wolves are heading this way, so maybe not so innocent!) Anyway, I'm going to continue to paint some of these off and on in between my watercolors. Let me know what you think! 
     "Halloween Night" is an original painting on a 9"x12" canvas panel and signed by me. It comes unframed, so you can easily pop it into a frame of your choice purchased at your local craft store. It's being featured on the EHAG Emporium tonight, May 31, at 9 pm eastern. Use the secure paypal button below to add it to your collection. First come, first served! And don't forget to check out all the other talented EHAG artists featured on the Emporium!

 ~ SOLD ~
Happy Halloween!


Scaring the Boys and Girls on Halloween

Original ACEO watercolor, now available on eBay here.

"We're the farmer's scarecrows
We scare away the birds
We keep the farmer's corn safe
Without any words.
But when Halloween comes
We jump out of the ground
And we scare the boys and girls
When they come walking 'round."
- anonymous

Dreaming of Cool October Nights

I am already dreaming of October and the fall weather, even though summer hasn't officially hit! My latest painting up for bid on eBay, "Haunted Halloween," is on Arches watercolor postcard paper. You can fnd it by clicking here. And, I'm painting more pieces, and creating other art for my upcoming folk art shows, Tinsel and Treasures, Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, in downtown Danville, CA and one I will be participating in for the first time Spirits in Sanford, Saturday, October 13, 2012, in Sanford, FL. I can't wait to see everyone and meet new faces! Mark your calendars!
Oh....and if you're creative yourself and would love to learn a new technique this summer, check out! I'll be teaching an online art workshop about paper mache using strips of newspaper and a homemade paste recipe to create a hot air balloon ornament. There's lots of other artists too, so have a looksie! Here's a movie trailer for my class. Hope to see you soon!


Howling with Delight

I hope you enjoyed that large glowing orb on Saturday night! We were out and howled with delight as it rose to its closest point to earth this year. I was so inspired by the perigee moon, I created my first Halloween ACEO of 2012. "Harvest Moon" is up for bid on eBay, just click here to head to my auction. Happy Haunting!


Watch for Hooting Halloween Puffballs

Our new neighborhood has lots of tall oaks and is surrounded by a wooded preserve. So it's no surprise wild life is abundant here. Still, I was awe-struck to see not just one, but two, fluffly baby owls living in our trees.

I had heard the typical WHOO-WHOO, WHOO-WHOO while I was outside a few times, but I couldn't find them. Finally, some neighbors told me where to look and sure enough, two baby great-horned owls were just above in the trees! I was able to get a few pictures with my zoom lens. This is just what I need to get me in the Halloween spirit as the hot days of summer begin to descend upon our beachside town. Now I'm off to work on some Halloween watercolors and paper mache. Happy spring-time Halloween!