Full Moon Magic

In case you didn't notice, the moon was amazingly full and glowing the last few days. Since we have several 100-year-old oak trees on our property, I wanted to share the view from our front porch. I'm still getting used to a new camera and am not sure how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed manually. So the clouds are a bit blurry, because they were moving while the camera's slow shutter speed was capturing the moon in all it's glory at night.

And here is a picture from across the street looking at our front porch that night. It's the old southern style wrap around porch on a craftsman style home. And the oaks are full of Spanish moss that hangs and arches over the walk toward our front door. The possibilities for Halloween decorating are endless!!

I hope you were able to glimpse the moon's magic and bask in all it's mystery!


Susie Pastor said...

Oh Iva, I wish I could see it. The past few days have been so cloudy that I cant see snything. Lucky You!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Your work is so awesome and it inspires me. I get Somerset magazine and have always admired your work. Your blog is great. I am a mixed media artist living in Louisiana. I have become a follower of yours. Would love to have you visit my site-- Hope to get to know you better.