Come Along for a Video Tour of My New Studio!

Drum roll please....my first studio tour is on video! Watch as I unveil the final transformation of my new studio. It's my first video effort, so I'm hoping the critics circle will be kind! ;)
The door is wide open, so please come in! 


Leticia said...

Oh Iva, Excellent video! You did a wonderful job and I'm so happy for you and your new venture. Love your new space and the glimpse we got of your neighborhood.

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Thanks Leticia! I miss everyone in Danville and the beautiful mountains!! Am loving my new space though. Take care and see you at Tinsel and Treasures, Sept. 15!

Rachel said...

You've got a fabulous studio, it all looks great.

Oh and I am ever so slightly jealous that you've got a photo of Anne Rice's house.