Bring in the Veggie Heads!

"Celebrate Halloween"

Strike up the band, it's Halloween!!
Now available for $145, plus $8 shipping.
I've created two vintage-style veggie heads, complete with tambourine and cello. The two pumpkin characters have hand-scultped heads and painted cotton batting bodies. Vintage crepe paper adorns their collar and they wear a tiny gold dresden buckle. They are celebrating October 31 in the cemetary, among the pumpkins, fallen leaves, tall grass and a smiling crescent moon. "Spanish moss" drips from the curly willow branch behind them. The tombstones are made from sculpey and the pumpkins are paper mache. A tiny red lantern sits on the wood base to the right of the piece. Measures 13" wide, 7" deep and 7" tall. 
Best of all it lights up!!

Tiny white lights give it an eerie glow after dark. Simply plug them in, no batteries required. If you have any questions, please email me:

Happy Halloween!!

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