The Grand Opening of the EHAG Emporium

Mark your calendar for January 31, when the doors will open to the EHAG Emporium. What is EHAG you ask? It's an acronym for Eclectic Halloween Artist Group, which was started some years ago on eBay.  It is a premier group of talented artisans and collectors all of whom share a love of October 31! The grand opening of the EHAG Emporium will be the first time many of the artists will gather together to share and sell outside of eBay.  So you don't want to miss this event, which will feature high-end collectible art that celebrates All Hallow's Eve. Hope to see you there!

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Designs By CK said...

I'm SO excited about this 2!!!

Popping in 4 a belated hello & happy 2010 lady!

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