Inspiring Images

My husband and I recently went to Santa Cruz for the day. What an inspiring little beachside town, complete with a Coney Island-style theme park, Victorian mansions perched on cliffs overlooking the Pacific and lighthouses with intriguing histories.

As we drove along the cliff road, I spied many a home that I would love to incorporate into my pantings. This one has gorgeous, unobstructed views of the ocean. My imagination began to run wild with stories behind the mansion. It is ripe for a watercolor with maybe a ghost or two hiding inside.

Thankfully, my eyes were filled with all sorts of imagery and the camera clicked away for future use. For now, I have made one tiny abode available on eBay. It's another version of the mysterious pumpkin house. This one is a pen and watercolor collage.

I hope you are finding inspiration around you this summer, whether it be in art, cooking, gardening, or spending quality time with your family. If you'd like to read more about my Santa Cruz trip, head over to my mixed media blog,

Happy Summer to you!


Designs By CK said...

Great inspiration house picture & new eBay piece Iva!

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Chris (-:

Anonymous said...

I love your pumpkin houses! That house would make a great "haunted" house. Lots of windows for ghosties to peek out of!

Gothic Southern Belle Art said...

Adorable Iva, I imagine the inside would be cozy and smell of spiced apples and pumpkin pie..hmmm... amazing what inspires us.
Well Done!