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Shelly said...

Still interested in taking this class. On the Artful Gathering page it has your class as Session 2 July 6 - August 26th. Have you gone through Session 1 already? Also, the August 26 date, does the class run to that date? Can I see instructions for the first Session? I love Halloween and want to make this theater but my budget got a little tight there at the end of June. Thanks!

Iva Wilcox said...

Hello Shelly! Class for session 2 starts July 16 and run until midnight August 26. Session one will finish on July 17. I will have the DVDs available for each of these classes come February 2015. To register for session 2 classes, head to From there you can pay the $5 registration fee, then select my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater class and pay the class fee of $95. Then, you join in the Halloween fun! Active students in my classes also have the opportunity to purchase the class DVD at a discounted rate, until class ends. But that is for students currently enrolled in my class. Hope this helps!! Look forward to seeing you!