Spun Cotton Witches Sail on the Moon

I love the old spun cotton ornaments of the Victorian age, and so I have been creating some of these little treasures with my own twist. I painted a vintage-style witch's face in watercolors and now use it as the face on my spun cotton witch. This is a sneak peak of a piece I will have available at the upcoming Halloween and Vine folk art show in Petaluma, CA, Saturday, Sept. 28. 

I will have other spun cotton pieces available also at Spirits in Sanford, a Halloween folk art show in north Florida's town of Sanford. The fun part about that show is the Friday night costume party and preview where you dress up, enjoy champagne and appetizers and mingle with the artists to preview and purchase art before the show on Saturday. The cost is $20, and allows you to come back on Saturday to shop some more. You do need to RSVP though. It really puts you in the Halloween spirit to be surrounded by the fabulous Halloween art and having everyone dressed in costume.

It's feeling like fall here in North Florida, where the ancient oak trees are starting to shed their leaves. I hope fall approaches where you live too! 

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