New~ Witch Bids Halloween Greetings on EHAG Emporium March 31

A vintage-style witch bids all bright Halloween Greetings on the EHAG Emporium, which will open it's cyber doors March 31, at 9 pm Eastern. She has an antique German china doll head, vintage crepe, sculpted pumpkin, mini silver glass-glittered skelly and a Dresden moon sceptor. She wears bright Halloween fabrics and a tiny felt hat and holds a real twig broom. She stands on a glass base almost 10" tall. Each one is different and unique and, of course, made by hand!
$75, plus shipping 
If you'd like her to fly home, just shoot me an email. Also, there's more spooky goodness in my Etsy shop with new art uploaded in the last few days.

So, enjoy the shopping, as there are lots of other wonderful Halloween originals up for grabs here, in my Etsy shop and on the EHAG Emporium!

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