A New Year Means Time for Reflection

"Halloween Haunts"

The start of a new year means time to reflect on my art. You may notice that I often paint a pre-teen girl and a younger boy. You see, unconsciously I am painting our two children, during a time long ago. It is a time I cherish most of all, when the world was still innocent and our family was still complete.
The new year also brings the birthday of our departed 17-year-old daughter Brianna. January 12 ushers in wonderful memories and much sadness. The fact that she is now gone is as fresh today as it was three and a half years ago when she died.
So I keep painting scenes in which innocence abounds, and the world on Halloween is full of wonder and not too scary. My idealized world helps me cope with our loss. Some of you have told me my paintings help you escape to a gentler time and place too.
So as I think about my art moving into 2011, I've realized it has been a source of joy for me during the darkest time in my life. And it continues to elevate me to a better state of mind each time I put pencil and paint brush to paper.

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Barb said...

I think it is that innocent picture of Halloween that you portray that appeals so much to me. I have a huge Halloween collection(including your lighthouse picture)and all of it falls into that category . I don't like the bloody ,gory things at all. Please keep up your beautiful work.