Glitterfest Fun with Paper and Fabric

I love mixing paper and fabric to come up with original folk art for Halloween. My Victorian paper doll witch is the perfect example! Her skirt is filled with tulle to make it full and then I've used vintage-style millinery netting over it. Don't you think it gives it the perfect gothic feel? And she is a favorite image of mine from my collection of Victorian scrap books. This spooky gal is about 17" tall, and has a unconventional glass glitter witches hat. She is the perfect door greeter for Halloween! (She has a hook in the back for easy hanging.) If you like her, visit my page on where she is currently available.

Also, if you're in Southern California, look for me at Glitterfest on Saturday, May 22, 10 am - 3 pm, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Ana. I always have a bit of Halloween available, no matter what time of year. Hope to see you there!

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MarZel said...

OOh I hope you have a fine time at Glitterfest and I hope you post pictures on your blog!!!