Celebrations Abound

It's been several weeks of celebrations, including our son's 18th birthday in mid October, a Halloween party with friends at our home the day before Halloween, and then my birthday this past Saturday. Can you tell what we dressed as for Halloween? It's hard to make out my costume, but I made it from a Martha Stewart project some years ago. I was a raven, complete with iridescent black coque feathers around my neck, wrists and on my bustle, and my hubby was Indianna Jones, with a whip and all! It's been a whirlwind of fun!

And amidst all the festivities, I'm working on Christmas and a few Halloween pieces. I'll have some new offerings on SpookyTimeJingles.com, which updates on the 13th. Or, you can visit me at Pfattmarketplace.com for sweet holiday ornaments and everyday gift items. Of course, my Etsy shop will be filling up as we get closer to the holidays, and still has a few Halloween goodies!

Don't forget, I'll be having my second web show and sale on Sunday, November 15, at 6 pm Pacific. Hope you can join me! I trust your celebrations were spooktacular and wish you a happy fall this week! Cheers!

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Coastal Sisters said...

Birthday wishes to all! I will be waiting for your web show. I love your work.